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O Captain, My Captain!

By Christopher Decker There haven’t been many players that have come through the New York Rangers organization that have embodied the pure definition of heart, soul, and passion. And even up until today, most of the players that come to the Rangers come because they are cognizant of the big fat check they’ll get for […]

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With the Dog Days Looming, are the Boston Bruins Ready?

By Brandon Macdonald Spending one moment hoisting the Stanley Cup, the next celebrating with teammates all the way to celebrating in the hometown with family and friends. Fast forward to August when it’s time to once again hit the gym hard. This is the summer in a flash for a Stanley Cup champion. Entering the […]

A Real Journey

By Anthony Curatolo We wake each day not knowing at all what that day will provide for us. This journey that is called life, for me, has been one heck of a trip. Before we begin, I want you to know that this is the furthest from a cry for pity or a call for […]

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Zac Rinaldo’s World

By Dustin Leed It’s not often that you see the words skill, calm and composed in the same sentence with Zac Rinaldo. But you may be surprised at the Zac Rinaldo you see at this year’s Flyers training camp. He’s still crazy, he’s still an entertainer, he’s still as tough as they come and the […]

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Fantasy Forecast: Northeast Division Player Predictions

By Todd Cordell In case you missed the first edition, I am doing team-by-team fantasy predictions sorted by division. In this six-part series, I will make fantasy predictions on two players from each team in every division and say why or why not I think that player will perform well, or fail to reach expectations. […]

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Fantasy Forecast: Southeast Division Predictions

By Todd Cordell TheHockeyGuys’ writing staff has been giving you great content to read over the last little while. That said, I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been any fantasy hockey pieces up here, so I decided to change that. I’d like to introduce you all to my team-by-team fantasy predictions sorted by division. In this […]

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The Last Player Picked in the Draft is an NHL Prospect

By Rhys Richards Every year, thousands of young hockey players wait with bated breath for their names to be called by any of the NHL teams at the NHL Entry Draft. NHL teams generally give the players drafted in the early rounds more time and opportunity to succeed. Yet players drafted in the later rounds still […]

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A Bittersweet Farewell

By Christopher Decker He grew up loving New York City; he dreamed of playing for the Rangers; and he failed admirably. Rangers fans were excited when they heard Drury was coming to the Big Apple, because of his offensive capabilities, clutch performances and most of all, his leadership. Unfortunately, when he packed his bags in […]

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Devil’s Shrouded in Veil of Uncertainty Going into Season

By Mike Luciano The New Jersey Devils have a lot to prove going into the coming season and rightfully so. The universal attitude amongst the organization as a whole is to banish last year’s disastrous campaign to the depths of their memories (save the lessons learned) and embrace a mentality of redemption as they move […]

An Introduction; And the MLS and NHL?!

Ed. Note: We start off with an intro from Marc. Below find his piece in regards to what the MLS can mean for the NHL. By Marc Siciliano As hockey fans, we have been through a lot. At times, it’s been tough to support the game we love while our friends stare at the update […]

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