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By: Todd Cordell

For today’s article at TheHockeyGuys I decided I wanted to make it more fan friendly than usual, so I asked my twitter followers to fire me some questions and told them I would answer them in my blog. With that said, here they are. Enjoy.

Q: “Will Stamkos be a Lightning next year?”

A: Though nothing is for sure in this league, I would be very surprised if he is not. I expect him and Steve Yzerman to hammer out a deal within the next couple weeks.

Q: “Are the Devils close to finally hiring a coach?”

A: It appears they are. I expect them to have a new Head Coach by the end of next week. My guess on who that would be is Michel Therrien.

Q: “Do you think the Capitals will trade Semin?”

A: That’s tough to say at this point, and if I have to give a yes or no answer I would say no; however, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him traded.

Q: “Any flames rumors you are hearing?”

A: Yes, they have some cap space to spend and they intend on using it. They are exploring the trade market for a top-six forward, or a top-four defenseman.

Q: “What type of team do the Devils want to become next season? Run and gun, trap, puck-possession, puck-pursuit or physical?”

A: Tough to say at this point as they don’t have a Head Coach, but I think it’s safe to say they won’t bring in some “run and gun” coach. I think they will be more of a “puck-possession” team this season.

Q: “who do you see picking up Jarkko Ruutu?”

A: I could see a lot of teams taking a shot on him, but if I had to guess one team I would say the Coyotes.

Q: “Do you think this is the year the Capitals will finally have some sort of success in the playoffs?”

A: It’s hard to say at this point. I obviously need to see how the play together, but I can say I love their new acquisitions.

Q: “will Nabby actually show up and play for NYI next season?”

A: It depends. If he is not traded I would think he will. With that said, I expect him to be traded.

Q: How much do you think Parise will get in his next contract?

A: Depends on the term but I expect it to be somewhere around $6M per season.

Q: “any news on last years leafs that are still FAs? Sjostrom, Crabb, Boyce.”

A: Not much at this point. I expect Sjostrom to land an NHL job somewhere else. Crabb and Boyce might have to accept two-way deals.

Thanks to all who asked questions, and/or read this article.

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