Flyers’ Nick Cousins Guest Blog: Day Three

(Via Flickr).

(Via Flickr).

Nick Cousins is a prospect in the Philadelphia Flyers system. After tearing it up with the Soo Greyhounds in the OHL, Cousins joined the Adirondack Phantoms this past year. Nick is partaking in the Flyers Developmental Camp this week, and has been kind enough to join us as a guest blogger to describe what it is like.

You can read Nick’s day two blog here.

Day 3- July 9 2013

Today was very similar to yesterday. We woke up at 630 am and had breakfast here, at the hotel. We walked over to the Skatezone to warm up and stretch as a group. The players were split up again into two groups. I was on the ice first, and today we worked on shooting the puck with our feet moving and we did some one-on-ones and two-on-ones as well. It was a pretty good pace for it only being July. After practice, our group was upstairs in the workout facility working with Ryan Podell. Again, it was more of a teaching day for us, as he demonstrated some new exercises for us to use back home.

After the workout, we were right into team lunch which was set for 12 pm. Another good meal was put together for all of us. After lunch, “JP” (Sargeant Major) had another intense meeting with us, outlining how we need to act as a professional and our mindsets moving forward. He is a very influential speaker and I really enjoyed listening to what he had to say. He also, told us some of his stories from combat.

After lunch, it was our groups turn to get back on the ice again. Like yesterday this afternoon’s session was just for stick handling, protecting the puck and working on quick feet for us. It is a chance to learn new drills that we can take back home with us and continue to work on them.

After lunch, we had some down time for ourselves. I came back to the hotel and put my feet up and watched a bit of TV. I’m rooming with Kyle Flanagan so we just took it easy together. Team dinner was set for 5pm. Chicken, soup, fruit, and asparagus was on the menu for dinner.

After dinner, we had the rest of the night off. I think some of us might go catch a movie later.

Looking forward to Trial on the Isle tomorrow at the Jersey Shore.

Question 1 from @OrangeBlack12: What’s your advice to the first time attenders?

For young players in their first camp, just take everything in and enjoy the experience. Learn as much as you can this week and listen to the coaches. Work hard and pay attention to detail.

Question 2 from @lendamico: Who is your dream linemates?

My dream linemates is a tough question. Obviously it would be nice to play with Giroux, but just playing in the NHL with anyone would be a dream come true.

Question 3 from @Jon_Matty: (Who do you compare your game to) Do you take a lot from watching Brad Marchand’s game?

I compare my game to more skilled version of Brad Marchand. I enjoy watching him, yes, everyone hates him but he is an effective player and is a really good player. He is also a smaller player like me so we can relate.

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