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A lot has been mentioned of the return Philadelphia received for Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, but let’s take a closer look.  Here is what McKeen’s Hockey Pro Scouting Coordinator, Gus Katsaros, had to say about their recent additions.

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RW Jakub Voracek — Competitive, hard-working playmaker with excellent vision and creativity .. powerful stride and deceptive top speed .. sneaky and skilled in tight spaces thanks to excellent in-close control and shifty one-on-one moves .. strong on his stick – makes fast, tight turns with the puck .. uses his first touch to set up shot .. attacks the net with pace, bearing down on scoring chances aided by an ability to channel his energy and summon bursts of speed and urgency .. must keep working on his consistency and on becoming a more reliable defensive player .. still makes risky plays in his own zone and labours on clearances at times.

Quotable: “I was pretty happy. I hear only great things about the Flyers organization and it’s an honor to play there. I’m pretty excited. I’m basically starting a new life and this team has a chance to win the Stanley Cup every year. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” – Jakub Voracek

“I like to play along the boards. I’m an up‐and‐down, up and‐down, up‐and‐down winger and I try to play the best I can on both ends and obviously I have to work on my shot a little bit more in this offseason, but I would say that I’m more of a play‐maker than a shooter or scorer.” – Jakub Voracek

C Brayden Schenn — Gritty two-way pivot with skilled hands and exceptional hockey sense .. talented/economical puckhandler, picks his way through traffic to finish with a good hard wristshot .. equal parts shooter and passer .. okay skater – strides are short, choppy and lack power .. top speed is decent, however he could use better lateral agility .. accomplishes a lot without moving his feet – knows how to exploit his strength and savvy to compensate .. plays very physical even to the point of having to tone it down at times.

Quotable:  “The hidden gem in this whole thing is Brayden Schenn.  In our opinion, he’s one of the top, if not the top young player outside the NHL.” – Paul Holmgren

“He’s going to come to our development camp in early July and obviously will be at training camp.  I can easily say we think he’s capable of doing it, but as with any young player, you never know until you get to that point.  So he’s going to be given every opportunity to make our team, for sure.” – Paul Holmgren

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RW Wayne Simmonds — Shifty skater with deceiving quickness and lateral agility .. can skate all day thanks to exemplary fitness levels and much stronger than he appears .. positions himself well in the offensive zone in order to take advantage of a quick, hard shot – generates terrific velocity with only a minimal windup .. ideal in a checking role .. can also energize scoring lines however with his hustle and physical presence .. only really misses a natural finishing touch.

Quotable: “We looked at our team at the end of the year and felt we needed to get bigger on the wing.  I think with the acquisition of Jakub Voracek and Wayne Simmonds, both those guys are bigger wingers that can play in your top-nine mix of forwards.” – Paul Holmgren

To check out some stuff on Flyers first round pick, Sean Couturier, click here – Couturier is a well-rounded, two-way center who plays a game comparable to Jordan Staal. His last two seasons in the QMJHL, Couturier scored 96 points in each.  More video here.

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