Montreal Canadiens Spotlight: Accelerated Compliance Buyout for Scott Gomez

Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

By James Stephan (@J_Habs)

There have been new developments in the cases of Scott Gomez and Wade Redden who were both put on the shelf by their respective teams.  By staying home both players would essentially avoid any risks to injury, ensuring that they would remain eligible to be bought out in the up-coming post-season.

What raised concerns was that if both players were to stay at home and simply wait to be bought out, the future of their playing careers might be in jeopardy, and it is very likely that their only playing opportunities would reside in Europe. In light of this realization the NHL & NHLPA came to the agreement which enables teams to exercise the “Accelerated Compliance Buyout”, allowing the respective clubs to use one of their buyouts before Saturday January 19th, 2013, when the shortened NHL season officially begins.

In order to accomplish the accelerated compliance buyouts, both players will have to clear waivers before the weekend to be successfully bought out this week.  By doing this both the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens will have one compliance buyout remaining in the upcoming post-season.

Many agree that this gesture by the NHL & NHLPA is a courtesy to the players, allowing them to search for work immediately as opposed to sitting at home waiting for the season to end. While neither player has entered waivers yet, it is expected that the Montreal Canadiens will place Scott Gomez on waivers and buyout his contract in the coming days.

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