Photos: Jonas Hiller, Cam Talbot design new Stadium Series masks

Anaheim’s Jonas Hiller has a new bucket for next week’s Stadium Series event at Dodger Stadium and it’s pretty snazzy.

The mask designed by Hiller’s mask-maker Alec Voggel keeps things simple but also guarantees to turn some heads, thanks to the orange base color similar to the sweaters the Ducks’ will wear when they take on the Los Angeles Kings in the first-ever outdoor NHL game to take place in California.

InGoal Magazine

InGoal Magazine

“For such events, it’s essentially to create a design that really pops out,” Vogel said on the Airxess website. “ Hiller fans, and meanwhile also ours, are always expecting something extraordinary.”

Check out more pictures from InGoal Magazine.


 New York Rangers‘ netminder Cam Talbot got in on the action as well, releasing pictures of his Ghost Busters-inspired helmet over the weekend via Twitter.



With the Rangers competing in two games next week at Yankee Stadium, Henrik Lundqvist  might not be the only Rangers’ goalie to enjoy the nostalgia of taking part in a game surrounded by thousands of fans in one of MLB’s greatest parks.

If Talbot does get the call against the Islanders or Devils, he will be ready for it.



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