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One of the joy of being an amateur scout is to watch players develop from a young age to possibly reach the NHL one day. Once they reach the Midget AAA league in Quebec, they are very well positioned to get drafted in Major Junior and then the NHL.

The main difference between QMAAA and let’s say Ontario’s Minor Midget program, is that players will compete against already drafted players that are older and often more mature in their game.

That is why when players reach the QMAAA league at age 14 as exceptional players, a lot of focus is directed towards them to see if they will be able to dominate their older peers and really prove that they are not only Major Junior material but also maybe NHL draft caliber.

This season in the QMAAA, there was 5 players born in 2002 and entering the league at age 14. As the regular season nears its end, we will take a look at how their season went and what we should expect from them next year as they should be leaders for their respected teams and start to dominate as they get older.


William Provost, Forestiers d’Amos, #55

Playing for Amos does not help Provost to get all the showcasing he deserves. He tallied 19 points in 35 games this season so far which is nothing to be impressed by but still makes him the 2nd best scorer on his team.

The Forestiers are just not very good with only 6 wins and a serious lack of talent and depth in their organisation. It is also known that they are having multiples problems at the front office level and it is reflected on the product that they are putting on the ice.

That being said, whenever I watched one of their games this season, #55 was the player to keep an eye on. He plays with a good mix of skills and grit. He is strong on the puck and has a very good vision making him able to make some great plays under pressure.

If Amos can find a way to surround him next season, he should be one of the dominant prospect in the league and eventually be a high pick in the QMJHL.


Elliot Desnoyers, Gaulois du College Antoine-Girouard, #9

Desnoyers is a younger player who doesn’t look out of place with the “big boys”. He plays a good complete game and he is very dangerous player on the rush with speed. He amassed 18 points in only 24 games so far this season.

There is a debate among scouts as to who is the best ’02 player between him or Provost. One thing is for sure, I don’t think that one or the other is a bad choice to build a franchise around.

The CAG’s #9 benefits from a more complete team around him and they have a lot of good young players that can already start to make a push next season.

Desnoyers will be a key piece to the team’s future success. He is already showing signs of leadership with good toughness, which is one of CAG’s identity factor, and a mature game at a young age.

Definitely a player to keep an eye on as he will also be a top QMJHL draft pick when his time comes.


Thomas Bordeleau, Phenix du College Esther-Blondin, #17

Bordeleau is a player who is starting to makes some noise, big noise, and is making it a possible three headed monster race. Smaller than the other two but he has exceptional offensive skills for his age.

There is an interesting factor to keep in mind when analysing his 38 points in 39 games this season. Bordeleau plays on the same team as two of the league top 5 scorers. QMJHL’s draft eligible Samuel Poulin (2nd) and Xavier Parent (5th).

CEB is one of the offensive power house of the league this season and #17 definitely plays a factor in those performances. It will have to be seen if he will be able to keep the same pace when he gets to be the player relied on for offense instead of having a secondary role n the team.

Looking at his season, it is clear that he is getting more comfortable out there as the season progresses. He just got a 13 games point streak snapped which is very promising for the upcoming playoffs and next season.

Maybe his name will be in the #1 slot in the draft when the time comes.


Jeremie Poirier, Grenadiers de Chateauguay, #44

The only defenseman in this select list, Poirier is probably the best skating and puck handler when it comes to this class. He has 13 point in 38 games so far, proving he can produce at the next level.

That being said, defense is the hardest position to master when upping in levels. Poirier had some difficulties adapting to the game on a defensive and physical stand point and these are aspects that he will surely work on for next season.

Nonetheless, his upsides are huge and his potential is sky high. He will surely play a more prominent role next season and with the added experience, he should bounce back and be a stud for Chateauguay. They will surely look to build around his skill set as he looks to be a force in the league for the next couple of seasons.


Lucas Mercuri, Grenadiers de Chateauguay, #89                                                   

Lucas Mercuri is a real power forward. With his 6’2”-176 lbs and still growing, he brings a physical game combined with soft hands for the Grenadiers.

With his 4 goals and 15 pts in 38 games, he has proven that he can produce in the league. Since the beginning of the season, he has improved significantly when it comes to adapt to the speed of the game and also impose his body on older players.

He will be looked upon starting next season to be one of the main offensive producers for his team and with his size and skills, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be able to respond to the call.

Watch for him to be a dominant force around the league starting next season as he grows even bigger and stronger with a season under his belt.


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