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PHOTOS: The hockey history of Justin Bieber


PHOTOS: The hockey history of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber went from a mop-topped, Canadian pop-singer with a strong Christian faith to a punk that urinates in a bucket and gets arrested for drag racing, faster than you could say Beliebers three times fast. In between the years of his pre-pubescent charm and recent teenage rebellion, Bieber was just like any other hockey-loving […]

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Justin Bieber Skates With the Maple Leafs

By Lukas Hardonk (@LukasHardonk) The Toronto Maple Leafs have been watching their season slip away from them lately. A record of 2-4-2 in the month of December doesn’t exactly satisfy Leafs Nation, and what transpired on the ice of the Air Canada Centre this afternoon may not impress the Nation’s male members very much either. […]