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NHL Realignment Plan

By Bob Haynes (@BobHaynesJr) The NHL is in need of a realignment plan and quite frankly I am glad that the NHLPA nixed the owner’s plan for realignment. So why was the owner’s plan flawed? Look at the standings in the NHL right now. There are two obvious power divisions (Atlantic and Central) this season. […]

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What is the Worst Rule in Hockey?

By Bob Haynes – @BobHaynesJr Without a doubt I prefer to watch NHL hockey over any sport on television. However just like the other sports have their dumb rules, the NHL has a few that classify in the dumb category as well. The NHL is “blessed” to not have the 3-point line like basketball or […]

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If Only I was Gary Bettman…

By Bob Haynes (@BobHaynesJr) …I would make some changes. There is a false sense of parity in the NHL right now that is being created by a couple of factors. First, is the unbalanced schedule. Second, is the existence of three-point hockey games in only a handful of the games. Earlier I posted an article […]

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NHL: Realignment Plan

By Bob Haynes Jr. This season is going to be a little crazy as teams travel to the Southeast division in Northwestern Canada. This first article is going to take a look at my suggested realignment plan and I will explain how this plan will work. Geography builds rivalries With this in mind each arena […]

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A Look at NHL Realignment, Eastern Conference

The NHL Board of Governors votes today on the relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg. In all likelihood that measure will pass. That makes this second part of my NHL realignment plan pretty nicely timed. If you missed part one (which focused on the Western Conference), you can check it out here. There are […]