WebSimHockey: A One of a Kind Online Hockey Game Experience

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Whether you’re a stat junkie, casual hockey fan or hard-core prospect buff, you’ll be blown away by WebSim Hockey.

What is it? Quite simply put it’s one of the most successful online simulation hockey leagues that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat.

WebSim Hockey is one of those games where you try saying “what the heck, let’s see what all the fuss is about” and before you know it you’re on your eighth cup of coffee after spending the last 34 hours glued to your screen.

What makes WebSim Hockey so unique is that it brings together hockey fans from all across the globe to join an online simulation league – take control of the Columbus Blue Jackets and bring them to Stanley cup glory or blow the team up entirely and negotiate with 30 other player GMs to rebuild your team.

From obsessing over game by game stats to crunching numbers on the payroll, the depth and variety available can satisfy anyone looking for a “Be a GM” fix.

Partnered with the National Hockey League Players Association, WebSim Hockey allows the full NHL experience that truly comes second to none.

Having fancy bells and whistles that have the average fan fawning over are one thing however WebSim Hockey’s stats speak for themselves as they have over 500 active leagues, with over 10, 000 teams managed daily.

We at The Hockey Guys are proud to announce that we’ve reached a partnership agreement with Websimhockey.com – we shall be creating a The Hockey Guys league within the WebSim Hockey world and we hope you’ll join us for this thrilling experience.

Details will be posted within the next week or so on how you can join the THG League.

Whether you’re a hard core fan who paints their face before every game or a casual one, WebSim Hockey is worth checking out as they not only allow you to be the GM of your own team, but to do so with a league of friends.

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