Best Hockey Sticks For 2021

Best hockey sticks Looking for the best hockey sticks this year? Hockey sticks are the single most important piece of equipment a hockey player will use. A pro hockey stick is top of the line, the same hockey stick used by your favorite NHLer, built using the best carbon fiber, but also expensive. It’s a […]

Best Hockey Helmet 2021

Hockey helmets. The single most important piece of equipment any hockey player, or hockey parent will buy. A lot of folks ask us to do some deep dive of “hockey helmet ratings”, or the best hockey helmet for concussions, or whatever the situation, but to be completely honest the helmet is one piece of equipment […]

Best Hockey Pants For 2021

Hockey pants are one of the games least thought about pieces of equipment. So whether it’s parents asking us, “what are the best hockey pants for my kid”, or more advanced skaters wondering what some of the lightest hockey pants are, when it comes to choosing the pants that work best for you, we’ve got […]

Best Hockey Gloves For 2021

Every wonder how Connor McDavid makes opposing defenders look like swiss cheese as he hangs them out to dry, yet again? Combined with his speed, McDavid has some of the best hands in the game of hockey. The ease at which he dekes left before going to his right and back to the starting point […]