The Complete Guide to Off Ice Hockey Training

For many, the hockey season ends as soon as the ice leaves the rink. You know what? That’s totally fine. Go play baseball. Grab your clubs and head to the links.

For a select few, the ones that the rest of us typically end up watching on TV.. the hockey training doesn’t end when the hockey season does.

Fortunately, with the invention of things like synthetic ice, shooting pads for hockey training, and the weight room, off ice hockey training is easier than it ever has been. The amount of kids following off ice hockey training programs, hitting the weight room, working on their stick handling, shooting thousands of pucks, is higher than ever before. As a result, we’re seeing evolution on the ice like the game of hockey has never before saw.

This guide is meant to be like a diving board into a swimming pool. Think of this as your starting point to discovering new off ice hockey training ideas. We’re trying to cover every single aspect of off season hockey training in this article.

Here are all of the ways you can start an off ice hockey training program, whether it’s one you’ve built yourself or one you’re following.

  • Off Ice Hockey Strength Training
  • Off Ice Stick Handling Drills
  • Off Ice Puck Shooting Drills
  • Off Ice Hockey Mobility Training
  • Equipment you’ll need for off ice Hockey Training
  • Off Ice Hockey Training for Speed
  • Off Ice Awareness Training for Hockey Players

Off Ice Hockey Training, the complete guide to doing it right