Bauer Vapor Skates Review + Everything We Know

The Bauer Vapor hockey skate lineup is one of the worlds best performance hockey skate offerings available to the public. Bauer also owns the Bauer Supreme Skate line, which it uses to build skates for players with different foot shape. In this guide, we’re going to be doing a complete Bauer Vapor Hockey Skate review, as well as choose whether or not you should use Vapor or Supreme Skates.

Before we jump into a full breakdown of all the best Bauer Vapor skates, it’s worth pointing out that from the top down, these are some of the worlds most expensive hockey skates. They’re built with the highest performance materials, for stand out performance at the games highest level.

Should I get Bauer Vapor or Bauer Supreme Skates? 

Bauer Vapor Skates Review, Breaking Down Every Vapor Skate