Best Hockey Gloves For 2021

Every wonder how Connor McDavid makes opposing defenders look like swiss cheese as he hangs them out to dry, yet again? Combined with his speed, McDavid has some of the best hands in the game of hockey. The ease at which he dekes left before going to his right and back to the starting point before tucking the puck in on the short side.. all while we didn’t have time to blink is because of his superior hands.

Hockey gloves can be some of the most underrated pieces of gear that a player will wear. It’s not until you upgrade into a top of the line glove that you realize the night and day difference between an entry level hockey glove and the same things McDavid wears. McDavid current wears CCM, by the way.

Our mission when testing which hockey gloves are the best is simple. Shoot tons of pucks, wear them for more than 5 games, and gather feedback from our athletes. We train several hundred elite D1 and pro hockey players each and every year, and polling the guys wearing the best of the best gives us an edge unlike any other.

We’ll recommend a product when we’ve personally worn or used it, and won’t add anything unless it fits that mold. Because of this, we’ve personally spent hours testing and researching hockey gloves.  We wanted to create the best list that we possibly could come up with and this is the result.

Here are the best hockey gloves for 2021

A couple things that we really want to stress when getting new gloves is durability, wrist mobility, comfort and protection.  If you can find a pair of gloves that cover all of these bases, you’re going to be dialed on the ice.  You don’t want your gloves to be holding you back while you are shooting, passing and stick handling.

The Best Hockey Gloves

Ever wonder what gloves NHL players wear?

We’ve covered a handful of gloves on the market in this article, most of these are worn by players currently in the NHL. Of course, Bauer, CCM and Warrior dominate the professional market.

With that being said, these are higher end hockey gloves. You’re going to spend a bit more on the product, but in return, you’ll get performance unlike any other. Choosing the most comfortable glove for your hand, and one that offers great mobility is crucial to picking something that works well for you.

CCM JetSpeed FT4 Gloves (Best Hockey Glove on the Market)

🏆 Top Pick This Year
CCM JetSpeed FT4

Say hello to some of the most comfortable, high performance hockey gloves you'll ever wear. These blew competitors out of the water in every category during our testing early in the winter of 2020/2021.

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So, what IS the best glove for hockey players this year?

The CCM JetSpeed FT4 hands down outperforms anything else in this class. The glove is simply more comfortable, more mobile, and has lasted longer than any other model we’ve tested.

One of the things I’ve never understood about other gloves is, why don’t they follow the same anotomical hand shape guidelines that CCM does? These gloves are built to reduce weight (as if that matters these days, all hockey gloves are light) and reduce material used by following the shape and general contour of your hand.

Of course, CCM keeps their 3 piece index finger and adds a new twist to the thumb design of this glove for this year.

If you’re the type of player that needs the most lightweight hockey glove, or one who needs to have something with maximum mobility, you can stop your search here, the FT4 gloves check all the boxes.

Bauer Vapor 2x Pro (Best Pro Value Gloves)

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Gloves were our top pick for last year, and while being dethroned by the new CCM FT4 gloves, it doesn’t mean these should fall off the list. Actually, these gloves are a very comparable second choice behind the new FT4 line. I’ve already noticed them knocked back a bit at Pure Hockey and I’m hoping they’ll go down in price at Hockey Monkey as well.


  • For the elite hockey players
  • Very comfortable
  • Great wrist mobility
  • Lightweight (265 Grams)
  • Protective (Shock Lite Foam)
  • Ultra Sensitive feel with your stick (CONNEKT+ PALM)


  • Price

Last season, these were some of our favorite gloves. Like everything, we’re on to bigger and better things and we’re not into playing brand favorites. The new CCM gloves are legit, but for those of you looking to sneak into something perhaps at a bit of a discount, check the Bauer 2X Pro gloves out.

They’re super comfortable with Thermo Core and Hypersense lining in both the palm and fingers.  They’re super protective with Shock Lite Foam making up most of the glove.  The quality of the gloves is very good, and they’re super durable.  Not only that, but these gloves are super lightweight.  The price hits a little hard, but you won’t find a better pair of hockey gloves on the market.

Former #1 Pick
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Glove

The Bauer Vapor 2X Gloves are no slouch when it comes to buttering up your mittens. These are a very comparable choice to the new CCM Jet Speed gloves.

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Warrior Covert QRE10 (Most Innovative Glove)

The Warrior Covert QRE10 gloves are highly advanced for 2021.  Here’s what we did and didn’t like about them.


  • Highly protective
  • Very mobile and flexible
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

The Warrior Covert QRE10 hockey gloves are super lightweight.  They’re designed with Convert Taper Fit that allows for maximum protection of the wrist area.  They also feature AxyFlex V2 Cuff technology which helps out with the protection of the wrist, while also keeping it mobile.  Warrior also implemented The AxyFlex Thumb which provides supreme flexibility in the thumbs.

The gloves as a whole are made of Warrior’s first class protective EXO+Foam.  It’s some of the most protective foam that you can get for your gloves right now.  Not only is it protective, but it doesn’t weigh a whole lot.  Making these gloves some of the lighter weighing gloves on the market.

Finally, the durability of these gloves are excellent.  They’re made very well with quality materials.  The only problem with the gloves is the price tag, they’re not cheap.  But otherwise they protect the hands very well, are mobile and lightweight.  There’s not much more to look for in a high quality pair of hockey gloves.


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CCM Tacks 4R Lite Pro (Best Gloves For The Money)

The CCM Tacks 4R Lite Pro gloves are the best gloves that you can get for the money.  Here’s what we did and didn’t like about them.


  • Price
  • Comfortable
  • Mobile
  • Protective
  • Durable
  • Break in quickly


  • Lesser performance compared to the first two gloves

The CCM Tacks 4R Lite Pro gloves are a quality pair of hockey gloves for a reasonable price.  They’re comfortable and quite mobile.  These gloves are nice because it didn’t take long for them to break in.  The protection of 4R Lite Pro’s is good.  They feature dual-density foams in the fingers and backs of the hand.  The wrist has a mobile design with an open segmented cuff and PE inserts.

The palms of the gloves are also reinforced with additional material to increase the life span of the gloves.  The thumbs can be flexed forward easily, but they have no give when flexed backwards.  This keeps your thumbs protected from hyperextending in collisions.

These are a great pair of gloves, especially for the price.  Performance-wise, they might not be as good as the Vapor 2X Pro gloves, but they also cost a lot less.  Top pair of gloves here.


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True A6.0 (Most Protective Gloves)

The True A6.0 gloves are are very technologically advanced.  Here’s what we did and didn’t like about them.


  • Comfy
  • Highly protective (Pro Grade EPP Foam)
  • Very mobile ergonomical cuff
  • Microban technology cleans and dries
  • Durable palms


  • Like many gloves on this list, they’re expensive

The True A.60 gloves are another awesome pair of gloves for playing hockey.  They’re quite expensive, but they’re super comfortable, highly protective and mobile.  Not only that, but the palms also are durable.  The fit and feel is snug, not too much loose space and not too tight.  The stick control in these gloves are one of its biggest pluses.  The high grade nylon shell is super lightweight, but keep the hands and fingers protected.

The True A.60 gloves are engineered to absorb impact.  Getting slashed in the wrist or taking a shot to the hand isn’t super painful.  Finally, maybe the coolest feature in these gloves is the Microban technology.  They use antimicrobial properties that kill the growth of bacteria and keep your gloves fresh.  Essentially reducing the smell of sweat in your gloves.

Overall the True A6.0 gloves are a great option for hockey players in 2021.   They’re durable, protective and have bacterial growth killers to keep them clean and dry.


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Bauer Nexus 2N (Best Looking Gloves)

The Bauer Nexus 2N hockey feature a 4 roll design that looks really cool.  Here’s what we did and didn’t like about them.


  • Look great
  • Highly protective
  • Comfortable
  • Updated for new style of hockey
  • Adjustable wide cuff design
  • Sensitive touch


  • Expensive

The Bauer Nexus 2N gloves look really good.  They’re super expensive, but worth it.  They feel really good in the hand and the stick to hand connection feels really good.  The protection in these gloves are top of the line, and they’re very durable.  They’ve been updated with additional material on the palm for longer lasting durability and better comfort.

They also have sanitization technology in these gloves to reduce the smell and keep them clean.

Overall these are a classic style looking pair of gloves that have been very popular in the hockey world.


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CCM Jetspeed Ft1 Youth (Best Youth Gloves)

The CCM Jetspeed FT1 Youth gloves are the best gloves you can get for youth hockey players.  Here’s what we did and didn’t like about them.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Protective PE thumb
  • Soft Nash palm


  • Not super advanced

The CCM Jetspeed FT1 Youth gloves are the best youth hockey gloves.  They’re not very expensive but get the job done for your kid.  They’re comfortable, lightweight and comfortable.  The thumb is protected and strong.  Yes these gloves are super advanced, but youth hockey players typically don’t slash very hard, if it all.  Which sort of takes out the need to have an elite pair of gloves.  The Jetspeed FT1 gloves will get the job done, and done well.  Without breaking the bank.


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Bauer Vapor X900 Lite (Most Affordable Gloves)

The Bauer Vapor X900 Lite hockey gloves are the best budget gloves on the market.  Here’s what we did and didn’t like about them.


  • Inexpensive
  • Protective
  • Flex Lock thumb
  • Highly mobile in the wrists
  • Comfortable Thermo Max liner


  • Not as advanced as other gloves on the list

If you are looking for a top end pair of budget gloves, the Bauer Vapor X9000 gloves are the way to go.  They’re super protective featuring high density foam with poly inserts throughout the glove and a Flex Lock thumb to prevent dangerous backward motions.  The cuff features a tapered design allowing for awesome wrist mobility for stick handling and shooting.  Lastly, these gloves feature a Therm Max liner with sanitization tech to keep your gloves fresh.

Overall the Bauer Vapor X9000 Lite hockey gloves are best gloves you are going to find with a low budget.


Conclusion: Best Hockey Gloves

Hockey gloves are an important yet underrated pieces of equipment.  They are the difference between soft or break hands.  The difference between going bar down or missing the net.  The difference between catching the pass or the puck bouncing off.

Hopefully this helped you out.  Thanks for reading.