Hockey Terminology: A Complete Guide to Hockey Slang Terms

In the game of ice hockey, there are a wide variety of slang terms used. In this guide, we’ve built a complete guide to understanding hockey terminology, so you’re never left to questioning anything ever again!

Here are many of the terms used in hockey slang.


An “Apple” in Hockey is a slang term used to define an Assist. An assist occurs when Player A passes the puck to Player B, who subsequently scores. In this case, Player A will be rewarded with an Assist, or “Apple”.

Used in a sentence: “I got two Apples.”

Other terms that mean Apple: Assist.


A “Bender” is a derogatory “Chirp” often used to describe an opposing player. Generally speaking, the term Bender is used in an offensive context.

Used in a Sentence: “That #9 on the other team is such a Bender, he could hardly skate!”


Buzzing is a slang term used by hockey players to talk about how well they are playing at a certain point in time throughout a hockey game. Generally speaking, the term Buzzing is used when a player or group of players are playing well. It can also be used off the ice.

Used in a sentence: “The boys were buzzing so hard in the 3rd period, I can’t believe we didn’t score!”

Chirps, or Chirping

When players talk back and forth to each other, often in the heat of the moment, it’s referred to as “Chirping”. There are many chirps thrown around by hockey players, a few of the most common are listed in this hockey slang terms guide.

Gino / Geno

A Gino in hockey refers to a goal. Plural spelling of Gino is “Ginos, or Genos”.

Used in a sentence: “I ripped two genos last game, I was buzzing.”

Gordy Howe Hat-trick

A Gordy Howe Hat-trick is used to define a scenario in which a single player records a goal, an assist, and a fight in a single hockey game.

Hat Trick

When a single player scores three goals in one hockey game.

Used in a sentence: “I scored a hat trick!”

Other terms that mean hat trick: Hatty


A “Hatty” is short for “Hat Trick”, or whenever a single player scores 3 or more goals in a single game.

Used in a sentence: “One of our players scored a Hatty.”

Other terms that mean Hatty: Hat-Trick, Trick


Icing is a term used to define a rule in hockey that refers to an opposing team sending an untouched puck down the entire length of the ice. Technically, Icing is any time a team sends a puck the length of the ice, untouched, from behind their own blue line to the opposing teams goal line on the far length of the ice.

Used in a sentence: “We were buzzing in their zone, all they could do was ice the puck.”


Ice hockey penalties are infractions committed throughout a hockey game that allows teams an advantage over their competitor.

Used in a sentence: “They took an early penalty that allowed us to go on the power play.”

Power Play

A Power Play occurs when an opposing team commits a penalty, giving the team who did not take the penalty a “Power Play” situation.

Used in a sentence: “They just took a penalty, so we’re headed to the Power Play.”

Other terms that mean Power Play: PP, Man Advantage

Penalty Kill

The opposite of a Power Play, when your own team commits a penalty, you will go on the “Penalty Kill” as you try to “Kill Off” the penalty time without being scored on.

Used in a sentence: “We just got a penalty, we’re going on the penalty kill.”

Other terms that mean Penalty Kill: PK, The Kill, Going on the Kill, Killing A Penalty.


The term Tendy means: goalie. A hockey goalie is often refered to as a “Tendy”.

Used in a sentence: “This team we’re playing today has a solid tendy.”


Slang terms in hockey are generally pretty funny.  Thanks for reading this guide on hockey terms!  If you’re interested in more hockey content, check out our blog on how to score more goals here!