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Recent Posts

The Complete Guide to Off Ice Hockey Training

For many, the hockey season ends as soon as the ice leaves the rink. You know what? That’s totally fine. Go play baseball. Grab your clubs and head to the links. For a select few, the ones that the rest of us typically end up watching on TV.. the hockey training doesn’t end when the

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Benefits of Sauna for Athletes

Sauna use has proven to have a large number of benefits over the course of the last few decades as scientists have extensively studied the many positive health effects from the ancient practice of steam rooms and saunas. This is no secret to anyone who has used saunas as the practice of sauna use dates

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CCM AS3 Pro Skates Review: A Deep Dive

CCM’s new Super Tacks AS3 hockey skates hit the market during the spring / summer of 2020 and have since become one of the most popular models produced by the company in decades. These skates are designed to give players a serious edge with premium-quality features and plenty of support for the feet and ankles.

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Best Gear

Bauer Vapor Skates Review + Everything We Know

The Bauer Vapor hockey skate lineup is one of the worlds best performance hockey skate offerings available to the public. Bauer also owns the Bauer Supreme Skate line, which it uses to build skates for players with different foot shape. In this guide, we’re going to be doing a complete Bauer Vapor Hockey Skate review,

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Best Gear

Bauer Supreme Skates Review + Everything We Know

The Bauer Supreme Hockey Skate is one of the best hockey skate lineups ever made. Bauer first introduced the Bauer 1s, the 2S, and this season, they’ve debuted the Bauer Ultra Sonic. The Supreme line from Bauer isn’t going anywhere, and with the release of the Bauer UltraSonic skate, they’ve expanded on one of the

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The Broke Hockey Players Guide to Expensive Skates

Alright, look. I’m sure you’re here, because like most of us, you’ve asked yourself this question. Are expensive skates worth it? As far as hockey equipment is concerned, the higher the price, the more high quality the materials used to build it. Will expensive skates help me skate better? Technically, yes. The most expensive skates

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Best Goalie Gear 2020

Welcome, goalies. Or.. maybe you’re a goalie parent. Whatever brings you here, you can rest assured that this is the most up to date information on top of the line goalie equipment available. Best Goalie Gear 2020 Let’s jump right into things. When it comes to buying goalie equipment, there’s quite a bit to consider.

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9 Best Mouth Guards For Hockey

Looking for the best mouth guard you can get to play hockey in?  Perfect.  That’s what this article is about. Hockey is a very fast paced game and a sport that can be dangerous if the right equipment is not used. The mouthguard is a very important piece in protecting your body while playing. Many

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