How To Become A Better Hockey Player

So you want to become a better hockey player? Welcome to the club. There are hundreds of thousands of hockey players around the world, with many of them wanting to become better on the ice. Whether it’s a defenseman looking to get noticed, a goalie wanting to beat out their goalie partner, or a forward looking to score more goals, improvement is of top priority for the majority of hockey players around the world.

While the task may seem daunting, creating separation amongst your peers, no matter the level, is very achievable.

Shoot More Pucks

Put simply, shooting more pucks will help you score more goals. The game of hockey is measured in more goals than the other team, so it’s fairly obvious that improving your shot will help your team win more games. With the obvious stated, shooting more pucks isn’t simply enough. You must learn to shoot pucks from a variety of different angles, from many different positions, off balance, from the rush, one timers, and so much more.

Shooting more pucks is one of the easiest, best things you can do to become a better hockey player. But simply shooting pucks is not enough to get you from where you’re at right now to the next level.

Dramatically Improve Your Stick Handling

Become An Expert Skater

Develop A Strong Core

Learn To Study The Game (Improve Hockey IQ)

Commit To Off Ice Training

Practice Good Recovery Habits

Build A Regimented Mobility Routine