9 Best Mouth Guards For Hockey

Looking for the best mouth guard you can get to play hockey in?  Perfect.  That’s what this article is about.

Hockey is a very fast paced game and a sport that can be dangerous if the right equipment is not used. The mouthguard is a very important piece in protecting your body while playing. Many people may not think that the mouthguard is very crucial or important. The mouthguard is indeed very crucial for one’s safety while playing hockey.

Here are the 9 best mouth guards for hockey

These are the best mouth guards


Sisu Max Mouth Guard

Editor’s Choice For Best Overall Hockey Mouth Guard

The Sisu Max is the best mouth guard you can get for the sport of hockey.


  • 2.4 mm thin (30% thinner than most other guards)
  • Sisu’s most protected mouth guard
  • Easy to talk with
  • Holes for optimized breathing and drinking
  • $35,000 dental warranty
  • Non toxic


  • Expensive

The Sisu Max is one of the best mouth guards that you can purchase for hockey because it’s not very large or clunky.  It holds very tightly to your and doesn’t take a whole lot of real estate up in your mouth.  It allows for excellent talking abilities while it’s in your mouth.  It also has holes that are great for breathing and drinking water through.

The material that Sisu uses in their mouth guards is 50% stronger than other conventional mouth guards (source: Sisu).



Sisu Aero Mouth Guard

Editor’s Choice for Best Extremely Slim Fit Mouth Guard

The second best mouth guard for hockey is the Sisu Aero.  The biggest advantage of the Aero is that it’s 50% thinner than the standard mouth guard on the market, but still offers great protection.


  • One of the thinnest mouth guards on the list (1.6 mm)
  • 50,000 limited dental warranty
  • Non toxic
  • Custom fit to teeth
  • Breathable and easy to talk in


  • Price

Overall the Sisu Aero mouth guard is a great option for hockey players that like to talk a lot on the ice.  It’s a comfortable fit and sticks very tightly to the teeth.  You can breathe through the holes on the front of the guard, and it’s non toxic.  There really isn’t much to dislike in this mouth guard, although the price tag is upwards of $20.

But what’s 20 dollars compared to a concussion?


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NXTRND Zero Mouth Guards

Editor’s Choice for Best Mouth Guard Combo Pack


  • Two mouth guards included
  • Double layer design for optimal impact absorption
  • Slim fit (1.6 mm)
  • Very easy to speak, drink and breathe with
  • Quick molding


  • Isn’t compatible for braces

This combo pack of mouth guards by NXTRND are another great option for hockey players.  These are some of the thinnest mouth guards on this list, and two are included in the package.  It was engineered to provide the best impact absorption with minimal amount of material.  Because of it’s super thin fit and hole throughout, the Zero mouth guards are great to talk with.

Which we all know that hockey is a very communicative sport and having the ability to communicate freely without discomfort is a great advantage over other guards.  The only potential issue with these guards is that they don’t feature a dental warranty.



Venum Challenger Mouth Guard

Editor’s Choice for Best Value Mouth Guard


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • Breathable


  • Different molding process
  • Might wear out in a couple months if you are a serious chewer

The 3rd best mouth guard for hockey is the Venum Challenger.  It isn’t as thin as the two Sisu mouth guards, but it’s still very protective and lightweight.  This mouth guard is originally designed for fighting and boxing by Venum, so it does have the capability to with stand getting run over on the ice.

The one issue people have had with this mouth guard is that it might break down on you if you bite down a lot on the guard.

You will also have to follow the molding instructions clearly because the process to fit the mouth guard to your teeth is slightly different than other mouth guards.  Just keep that in mind.  Overall though, this mouth guard is a great option for hockey because of its minimalist and comfortable design.


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Shock Doctor Ultra 2 STC Mouth Guard


  • Triple layer of protection
  • Highly shock absorbent
  • Low profile design
  • 50,000 dollar dental warranty


  • Price
  • Potential durability concerns

This mouth guard by Shock Doctor is another high quality option for hockey players.  It features a 3 layer design that is built to absorb impact and shock very well.  Because it has a low profile design, it is fairly easy to talk in, and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.

The mouth guard is an overall comfortable fit and absorbs shock tremendously.


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Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Carbon Convertible Mouth Guard


  • Low profile design
  • High impact technology
  • Reinforced outer frame for more protection and durability
  • 50,000 dollar dental warranty


  • Some may find it uncomfortable

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Power mouth guard is another one of the best mouth guards that you can get for hockey.  It’s in the middle in terms of price, but has a low profile designs and is designed to withstand high impacts.

It also has a 50,000 dollar dental warranty.  The outer frame of the mouth guard is also reinforced to ensure better protection and loner lasting durability.  Overall, this is one of the best mouth guards you can get, despite not being as slim as the thinnest mouth guards on this list.


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Armor Armor Sports Mouth Guard


  • Comfortable fit with the gel liner
  • Dual layer design for impact absorption
  • Inexpensive
  • 10,000 dental warranty
  • Internal channels for better breathing capabilities


  • Tricky to mold
  • Isn’t great for braces

The Under Armor Pro mouth guard is another one of our top options for hockey player mouth guards.  This one has a dual layer protection system for optimal impact absorption.  It also features a gel liner to provide better comfort during long skates or games.

An interesting feature on this guard is that it also features channels that allow for easier breathing.  Overall this mouth guard is an awesome option for all hockey players alike.


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Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard


  • Low profile and sleek design
  • Quick boil and mold setup
  • Inexpensive
  • 10,000 dollar dental warranty
  • Easy to talk in


  • Not as protective as other mouth guards on the list

This is one of favorite mouth guards for hockey if you’re running on a budget, but still want a nice mouth guard for hockey.  This one doesn’t feature the same quality as the other Shock Doctor mouth guards, but it is something to protect the teeth and the brain from concussion, without breaking the bank.

It also has a 10,000 dental warranty and is easy to talk in, because of it’s low profile design.



ACCO Mouth Guard Sport


  • Slim fit
  • Custom fitting
  • Speak clearly and drink with
  • Protective and shock absorbing
  • Inexpensive


  • Quality concerns

The ACCO Sport mouth guard is very similar to the other Sisu mouth guards higher up on the list.  Both feature shapable mouth guards with slim fits and awesome speaking abilities with.  The only reason that this mouth guard is on the bottom of the list of best mouth guards for hockey players it almost feels like a knock off Sisu mouth guard.

Although it does have some positive reviews, our biggest question here is “how well does it absorb impact?” and “how long will it last?”.  The price of this mouth guard is far cheaper than the Sisu guards, but appears to be the same thing.  Some durability concerns definitely rise here, although the breathability and speaking ability are awesome with this one.



What Should I look for in a Mouthguard?

First of all while looking for the top mouth guards for yourself or a child, you are going to want a mouth guard that is slim and fits comfortably in the mouth.

The mouthguard should fit snug and not move around too much. You’ll also want to get a high quality mouth guard that has great speaking abilities.  In hockey you are talking a lot on the ice, so having a mouth guard that you can communicate in is very important.  You don’t want to struggle while trying to talk.

You also want it to do the most important thing for your brain, prevent concussions.  The best way to ensure that your mouth guard is in your mouth at the time of impact is to get a mouth guard that is comfortable.  If it isn’t comfy, you will probably leave it hang out of the side of your mouth.  It’s completely ineffective when your mouth guard is hanging out of the side of your mouth.

The biggest thing here though is get a great mouth guard that is comfortable and thin.  Those are the tow biggest features to look for.  If your mouth guard is comfortable, you’ll most likely keep it in your mouth the entire skate, rather than chewing on one side.

What do mouth guards do?

Hockey is one of the most important sports to have a mouth guard in for.  Even if you are playing youth hockey or are a parent of a child that will be playing youth without checking, you will want to have a mouth guard as we all know anything can happen on the ice.  Ice is slippery.

You can slip and hit the boards or a goal post in an instant.   You definitely want to have a mouthguard in for potential situations like that.

If you are playing bantam hockey or up, it’s obvious that you will want a mouth guard because you will more than likely get checked while playing.  If you don’t have a mouth guard in, you could easily find yourself laid up with a concussion for a couple weeks.

And then there is always the possibility of chipping a tooth or suffering some other dental issues while playing hockey.  Mouth guards will effectively reduce the chance of getting dental problems.

The key is to find a mouth guard that is comfortable and enjoyable to talk in.  If it feels good and you can talk while wearing it, you will be perfect.

Conclusion: Best mouth guards for hockey

When you are getting a new mouth guard for hockey, you want it to be a slim fit, comfortable and high absorbing.  Hockey is a quick and violent sport and you want your brain and teeth to be protected at all times.  Spending $30 on a new mouth guard might seem like a lot right now, but it might be a brain saver at some point down the line.  Consider and choose wisely!

Thanks for reading!