Breaking Matt Carle And Philadelphia Flyers Working To Reach Deal

Sources said that Matt Carle was close to reaching a deal.

According to sources close to the situation, Matt Carle’s deal with the Philadelphia Flyers is expected to be announced on July 1. Although I’m told a finalized deal is NOT in place at this time, a final agreement is close.

It is believed that Carle and his camp will be looking for a deal for three or more years at over $12.75-million.

Due to NHL tagging space, the Flyers projected payroll for next season is not allowed to go over the current salary cap.

Original post from May 10 follows.

I chatted with Flyers defenseman Matt Carle and his agent Kurt Overhardt regarding Carle’s contract negotiations with the Philadelphia Flyers.

“There’s no question I want to be here, the past four years have been great and I really feel like Philly has become a second home for my family and me,” Matt Carle said. “The guys on this team are unbelievable and I know this is a team built for winning now and for years to come.”

His agent had more: “It’s our intention to try and work with the Flyers and get something done,” Overhardt said. “We think the club feels the same way.” “There is plenty of time and it’s something we are going to work on,” he added.

More discussions are to take place following season-ending player interviews between players and the organization.

Thursday afternoon Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren spoke to reporters and touched on the situation.

“Think he(Matt) had a good year, he’s a good defenseman, he wants to be here,” Holmgren said. “We want him back I don’t see any reason why we can’t reach a deal; this is something that can get done quickly.”

“Could we get him under market value? I think we probably could.”

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