Spittin Chiclets: Hockeys Best Podcast

If you’re a hockey fan, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the popular podcast called Spittin Chiclets. We’re huge fans of the production, listening weekly. We’ve created an in depth guide to the entire podcast, for fans of the show!

This guide was created also in part because the podcast (or, as they say it, the pod) doesn’t have a website. Hard to believe, but the Chiclets crew and merchandise is often promoted on Barstool Sports. It’s also important to note that the podcast is a Barstool Sports production, Barstool was founded by Dave Portnoy.

Who is a part of the Spittin Chiclets podcast?

The Spittin Chiclets podcast features Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette aka “BizNasty”, Rear Admiral and producer Mike Grinnell (often referred to as Mikey Grinnelly).

What’s the premise of the show? 

The show drops episodes twice a week. The crew discusses some of the latest news in hockey, one of the reasons why in season is the best time to listen, before interviewing a guest. Guests on the show are typically current and former NHLers, but they’ve featured analysts and a variety of hockey related guests in between.

When do Spittin Chiclets episodes come out?

The show drops new episodes every Monday and Thursday, like clockwork.

Was Biz on the podcast from the start?

No, he joined after the now wildly successful show started to gain traction. Biz is a huge part of the show, delivering colorful takes on a variety of topics, often times piggy backing on a Ryan Whitney tangent.

What are the best Spitting Chiclets podcast episodes?

The show has over 8,000 five star reviews on iTunes and with so many episodes to choose from it’s really tough to pick the best episode. If you’re just starting, we recommend starting the summer of 2018. May / June of 2018 is a great starting point.

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