Bauer Supreme Skates Review + Everything We Know

The Bauer Supreme Hockey Skate is one of the best hockey skate lineups ever made. Bauer first introduced the Bauer 1s, the 2S, and this season, they’ve debuted the Bauer Ultra Sonic. The Supreme line from Bauer isn’t going anywhere, and with the release of the Bauer UltraSonic skate, they’ve expanded on one of the highest performance hockey skate offerings in the world. The Bauer Supreme line is also one of the worlds most expensive hockey skates. They’re built for performance at the games highest level, and perform they do.

Are Bauer Skates good? 

Bauer skates are one of the 3 best brands for hockey skates. They’re worn by professional hockey players all over the world and consistently stack up as some of the lightest, most high performance skates on the market.

What are the best Bauer Skates?  

Bauer builds skates according to fit. Depending on the shape of your foot, you may fit better in the Bauer Vapor line of skates. Bauer builds skates for every foot size and shape, in this guide we’ll help you decide which model will give you the best fit and performance.

Bauer Supreme Hockey Skate Reviews

Here’s all of the Bauer Supreme Skates, from highest performance, to the most affordable.

  1. Bauer UltraSonic
  2. Bauer 3S Pro
  3. Bauer 3S
  4. Bauer S37

With the all new Bauer Ultra Sonic lineup, we’re also introduced to the Bauer Performance Fit system.