CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Stick Review

CCM recently came out with their newest stick from their Tacks line, the CCM Tacks AS-V Pro. This stick was constructed with an all new shaft geometry, and uses their Sigmatex ST Carbon Weave. The biggest change that CCM made from the AS-V Pro stick from their AS4 stick is their new “V Shaped” Shaft.

This shaft is supposed to provide more comfort when gripping the stick and allow for a more natural feel when handling the puck. This review will be going over my thoughts on this stick, including the pros, cons, and if it is something I think is worth the price.

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Senior Hockey Stick Overview

The Tacks line is one of CCM’s 3 major product lines (Tacks, Ribcore, Jetspeed). All Tacks sticks feature a mid kick point, similar to Bauers mid-kick point stick line Nexus. CCM Tacks sticks are meant to be balanced sticks with an equal amount of power and quickness.


  • Durable
  • Balanced
  • Solid stick option for defensemen and forwards


  • Similar to previous CCM Tacks sticks
  • Pricey
CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Stick

CCM's premier stick option for 2023. It's a durable mid-kick point stick suitable for both forwards and defensemen.

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What I Liked About This Stick

You know what you’re getting when you buy a CCM Tacks Stick. It is a very balanced, and reliable stick that can do anything you would want from a stick in an efficient way.


The best feature about all the Tacks sticks I have used in the past is how durable they are. I have used many sticks from the Tacks sticks over the years and I’ve personally never had any issues with them breaking within the first year of use.

More importantly, I haven’t heard any complaints from the hockey community regarding the durability of this stick, and Tacks sticks in general. With that being said, writing a review about durability is difficult because there are many variables that go into durability such as how you use the stick, what level of hockey you play, and even the manufacturing of each stick.

I use my sticks in a competitive men’s league and for coaching, but if you are using this stick at a high school level or a higher, more intense level of hockey a stick will be more prone to breaking.

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What I have always said about the CCM Tacks line of sticks is that they do everything well and nothing exceptionally well. If you are a forward player who takes a lot of shots in close on the net and needs to have a quick release, I would recommend the CCM Ribcor line. If you are a defenceman who takes more slap shots, and needs to take shots from farther away then I would recommend the CCM Jetspeed line.

If you are a player who is in between those two descriptions then I would recommend a stick from the Tacks line. What makes the Tacks line balanced is its mid kick point. The higher the kick point is on a stick the more power it can generate, but the slower the release is and vice versa.

The mid kick point allows for a good amount of power and a quick release time. Stickhandling with this stick is very smooth as well. This stick is equipped with CCM’s Accufeel 2 blade, which gives a soft touch when handling and shooting the puck.

Good Option for Defencemen and Forwards

The CCM AS-V Pro, and the Tack line in general is a good option for both offensive and defensive players. This stick generates enough power to have a prominent shot from the point as a defensive man, while also having the capability to get in close and shoot the puck quickly.

The two types of players that I would recommend this stick to is a forward who finds themselves taking one-timers or even slapshots occasionally, and offensive defenseman who like to carry the puck and take snap or wrist shots. The AS-V can efficiently take any kind of shot you need it to with a good amount of power and accuracy.

What I Didn’t Like About This Stick

This stick does everything well and it’s still a good stick but there is nothing about it that blew me away. To me, this stick feels very similar to the previous top of the line Tacks sticks.

Similar to Previous CCM Tacks Sticks:

The only main difference I noticed from this stick compared to older models of Tacks sticks is the V-Shaped shaft. Call me old school, but honestly, I prefer the standard rectangle shaft over the V-Shape. It is one of those things where If I used it enough I would eventually get used to it.

Aside from the shaft, this stick was very comparable to last year’s model. A possible option to save money would be to buy last the previous year’s Tacks model the AS4 (if you are able to find it in stock somewhere).

I compared this stick to both of those sticks side by side and they all felt very similar to me.

Pricey Hockey Stick

Look, this hockey stick isn’t going to be super cheap.  Particularly if you go with the Pro version.  That being said, you can save a bit of cash if you opt to go with the standard version of the stick.  And CCM sticks are known for their durability which is a big relief when it comes to dropping a lot of dough on a new twig.

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Stick

CCM's premier stick option for 2023. It's a durable mid-kick point stick suitable for both forwards and defensemen.

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The CCM AS-V Composite Stick has many positives to it like the durability and the balance, but to me this stick was too much like previous models for me to recommend it to anyone. As I stated previously, I would recommend saving the money on this stick and instead buying an older model as they are virtually the same. The only factor that would make me recommend this stick to someone is if they loved the V-Shaped shaft.

To me this new shaft model wasn’t anything worth the upgrade, as I actually preferred the standard rectangle shaft. To me, that is the biggest noticeable difference from this stick and the previous model of the Tack’s lineup the AS4 (no longer in stock).

If you’re on the fence and aren’t sure if you’re super into CCM and the Tack’s lineup, we also would recommend checking out the Bauer AG5NT hockey stick (click the link to read our review on it).

Until next time!