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Best Gear

Best Hockey Sticks For 2020

Looking for the best hockey stick of 2020? It’s a pretty broad question, if you ask us. There a lot of things that come into play when you’re trying to find the best hockey stick available. Things like, what level you play. What your budget is. Do you have a brand preference? On top of

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Best Hockey Skates For 2021

“So Tyler, what are the best hockey skates for the money?” Believe it or not, that’s probably the top question I get asked day in and day out when it comes to the “best of the best” hockey gear. What are the best skates for beginners? What are the best youth hockey skates? If money

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Best Gear

Best Hockey Bags For 2021

Finding the best hockey bag 2021 is no easy task. Here’s the bottom line. When it comes to hockey bags, no two are exactly alike. You’re going to have excellent organizational hockey bags and hockey bags that are just a simple wide open bag. There are plenty of things to consider, and a hockey bag

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Best Hockey Helmet 2021

Welcome to our review of the best hockey helmets for 2021. The Hockey Guys have spent hours testing, researching and playing hockey in different helmets with the purpose of coming up with this list.  We’ve made it simple for you t Here are the best hockey helmets for 2021. Bauer RE-AKT 200 (Best overall) Bauer

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Best Hockey Pants For 2021

Hockey pants are one of the games least thought about pieces of equipment. So whether it’s parents asking us, “what are the best hockey pants for my kid”, or more advanced skaters wondering what some of the lightest hockey pants are, when it comes to choosing the pants that work best for you, we’ve got

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Best Hockey Gloves For 2021

Welcome to our review of the best hockey gloves for 2021. Hockey gloves can be some of the most underrated pieces of gear that a player will wear.  Because of this, we’ve personally spent hours testing and researching hockey gloves.  We wanted to create the best list that we possibly could come up with and

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Sparx Skate Sharpener Review

The Sparx Skate Sharpener Review to end them all. Sparx changed the game for at home sharpening with the release of the Sparx machine. It’s one of the most innovative, best skate sharpeners on the market for simply making skate sharpening easy again. Basically, skate sharpeners went from an art to something that anybody is

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Weiss Is Sean Day a Future NHL Superstar

There’s Nathan MacKinnon in 2013, (arguably) Sam Reinhart in 2014, and Connor McDavid in 2015. NHL Draft gurus have had the next three years of the annual June draft’s prime pick mapped out months ago despite tons of hockey still to be played. More recently, draft followers have begun to debate which 14-year-old in Alberta’s

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