True TF9 Hockey Skate Review

The True TF9 skates are True’s top base stock model of skate for hockey players.  As you probably know, True specializes in custom skates and that’s what they’re most known for.

In this post I’m going to go over everything you need to know about the True TF9 skates, whether they are worth it or not, and other options on the market.  Read on for more!

True TF9 Full Overview and Review

Truth be-told, we here at the Hockey Guys ranked the TF9 skates third on our list of “best hockey skates“.  Let’s dive into our rating and what makes this skate different from the rest.

True tf9 hockey skates from the bottom, side and internal foam.

Our Rating: 

Skate RatingsTrue TF9 Skates
Break In Time9/10
Versatility (for Different Foot Types)9.5/10
Looks 9/10
Runners 8.5/10
Overall 80/90


The first and most important aspect of a hockey skate in my opinion is comfort.  If you are wearing a pair of comfortable hockey skates, you will have more fun on the ice.   If you are wearing skates that pinch or hurt your feet, you definitely won’t have a lot of fun.  And when you are having a good time, hockey is more enjoyable to play.


If you noticed in our ratings, comfort was one of the highest on the list.  The reason that it isn’t higher is because in comparison to the Hyperlite skates and the Ribcor 100k skates, they offered a little less comfort.  But, that’s not to take away from these TF9 skates.

The foam that makes up a lot of the internal padding is called “hydro foam”.  It’s a well-padded and moisture-wicking material that is designed to prevent anything gross from growing in your skates.  It also helps with the smell of the skates as well…

While I said that these are a stock skate, you do have the option to change the footbed.  This is critical because it allows you to get the right fit for your foot.  The inserts come in three different sizes, depending on whether you have a low, mid, or high arching foot.

The TF9 hockey skates feature the True tongue.  It’s a lightweight tongue that is designed to ensure you don’t have any lace bite.  True also engineered the tongue so that it has additional padding to help prevent stingers off the foot and ankle.

And when your skates arrive in the mail, you can also mold them to your feet.  I would personally recommend doing this as it will help get the perfect fit for your feet and feel much better in the long run.  If you are interested, you can snag these skates here on hockey monkeyNo pressure at all of course, but we do appreciate the support! 


Performance-wise, the True TF9 skates are up there with the best of them.  It would be tough to compare them to the True Custom skates, but there’s also a large price gap between the two.

The boot on these skates are made of carbon fiber.  The purpose is so that they offer good protection, but what this also allows for is optimal energy transfer.  When you push off with your legs, energy moves through the skate and to the ice.  Carbon fiber skates like these helps increase the power and speed at which you are able to move at.

Many elite hockey skates have been engineered for energy transfer and the TF9 skates are no different.

The weight is also a factor that comes into play when we are talking about performance.  The True TF9 skates only weigh 904 Grams, which is only 55 Grams heavier than the Hyperlite skates.  Impressive for a skate that costs several hundred dollars less than the former.

True also released new technology on the holder of the skates.  You can now replace the blade much quicker with a system that is similar to CCM’s and Bauer releases.  Pop the blade in and out without the need for a tool, tech we saw coming for a long time, now it’s here.

picture of true tf9 runner release system
True Blade Release Technology


So now I want to compare some of the skates to other top skates on the market.  First, let’s compare them to the True Custom skates.

The True Custom hockey skates are clearly on another level compared the TF9, but there’s a large disparity in price. We’ve already went over that.

So what are some differences?  Well, the TF9 is a stock skate.  So you or I can go buy this skate today and have it shipped to the door in a short period of time.  Whereas the Custom skates must be custom ordered and made, which is going to increase the amount of time that it will take for you to get your skates and there will also be more loops to jump through.

Yes, the True Customs are more comfortable and higher performing, but they’re also way more expensive.  And if price is a factor when it comes to getting a new pair of skates, you already know which is the better option in that category.

Let’s say we aren’t going to go with the True Custom skates, let’s compare them to the CCM Ribcor 100k hockey skates.  I’ll just cut it to you straight, the 100k skates are better in general.  They are a lightweight and comfortable stock skates, but they also cost a lot of money.

You get a lot of the same emanates in the TF9s, for a way better price.

Similar situation to the Bauer Vapor Hyperlites.  If you want to spend up, the Hyperlites are worth it.  But if not, the TF9 skates are ideal.


Overall, the True TF9 skates are the best skates you are going to get for the price you pay.  They are not a budget skate, but they also aren’t elite top-of-line skate.  There’s a middle ground that True has found, and it’s perfect for most hockey players.  Especially those of you that are playing bantams through high school hockey.

They’re lightweight, comfortable, and reasonably priced.  Yes, you can find higher-performing skates on the market, but if you are looking for value per dollar, this is the way to go.

Thanks for reading!