An Open Letter to HockeyyInsiderr

By Dustin Leed (@D_LEED)

Dear HockeyyInsiderr,

I’m sure you’re a fine gentleman. You’ve even gone out of your way to send me a direct message in applauding my professionalism while on social media. And I appreciate that.

In fact, I will probably direct message you before posting this, just to let you know that I am doing it.

I’m writing you an open letter as opposed to spamming the timeline of my Twitter followers in an attempt to handle this piece of work the same way.

The topic: constructive criticism.

It’s easy for fans to hate an anonymous hockey rumor-mongering stranger on the internet, there is no denying that. It’s even easier to hate an anonymous hockey rumor-mongering stranger on the internet that is constantly complaining.

I think a little respect on social media goes a long way.

So do yourself a favor and don’t make it so easy for fans to hate you.

Why is there constant bashing of media members on Twitter? No one likes to read about drama on Twitter. And while being first in hockey news and rumors is nice, 9-out-of-10 hockey fans just want trust-worthy news. There is a reason why well-respected media members are so highly viewed on Twitter. They simply don’t post everything they hear; they only post what actually has a chance of happening.

The word “confirmed”, it means verified and 100% settled. Bringing forth hockey news isn’t supposed to be a big spectacle; it’s not about making a big scene. It’s supposed to be about being accurate and professional.

If you’re an account that simply posts everything you ‘hear’ good for you, but then why must you constantly pat yourself on the back when a rumor you post ends up becoming true? Any good writer lets their work speak for itself. You don’t have to prove yourself. It’s easy to be first on something when there is a constant flow of educated guesses being presented. If rumors are what you’re about, it’s honestly not that hard to be the first on any hockey news when you are constantly reading and regurgitating possible moves.

I remember you on Twitter when you had just over 1,000 followers. Your stuff – just like today – was hit or miss, but there wasn’t an ‘I’m better than you’ attitude, it wasn’t all about more followers, it certainly wasn’t about ‘being the first’.

Maybe it’s too late for people to change their mind, maybe it’s too late for you to change, maybe it’s not, but I think if one would focus on quality instead of focusing on quantity, it would go a long way in turning a perception around.

A well respected writer once told me: “Don’t take yourself so seriously, but do take your work seriously and keep your word to people.”

“Be likeable, personable, approachable, bright and never cocky.”

From a random columnist to a random Twitter account, for the good of the hockey community, we just ask that you make it easier for us to like you.



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