Justin Bieber Skates With the Maple Leafs

By Lukas Hardonk (@LukasHardonk)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been watching their season slip away from them lately. A record of 2-4-2 in the month of December doesn’t exactly satisfy Leafs Nation, and what transpired on the ice of the Air Canada Centre this afternoon may not impress the Nation’s male members very much either.

Today, young Canadian pop/R&B star Justin Bieber hit the ice with a few Maple Leafs players at the ACC. This comes less than a week after news that Leafs rookie defenceman Jake Gardiner draws inspiration from Bieber broke.

“Actually, I’m a big Justin Bieber fan too,” Gardiner told host James Cybulski on TSN Radio 1050.

Reaction to Bieber’s time with the Leafs has been mixed, at least on Twitter. As expected, most female Leaf fans seem to welcome the idea, while the male ones aren’t too impressed.

Here are just a few examples of some of those who rather have Bieber remain away from the team:

“Justin Bieber is at a Maple Leafs practice? All hope is lost for humanity,” @TetraNinja said.

“Wonder if Justin Bieber practicing with the Leafs today helps them win some more games?” Josh Rimer of SiriusXM’s NHL Home Ice asked.

“I was hoping they were working on the PK,” is what @FezzaJ said, referring to the Leafs’ penalty kill success, or lack there of.

Others, meanwhile, took advantage of Bieber’s appearance and used it as a base for some jokes. Even Josh Humphries of Sportsnet 960 The Fan couldn’t hold back.

“Not sure whats the bigger story right now Flyod Maywheater Jr. going to jail or justin bieber in the leafs dressing room at ACC,” Humphries tweeted.

Then there is the always funny Sean McIndoe, more famously known as Down Goes Brown. As expected, DGB was quick to chime in.

“What’s with all these photos of Bieber or Buble? The “coolest musician hockey fan” battle has long ago been won,” McIndoe said via Twitter, along with this link.

But perhaps the person who most enjoyed Bieber’s visit was Gardiner. He wasn’t the only Leaf player out on the ice with Bieber, though. Others included captain Dion Phaneuf and forward Tyler Bozak, as well as goalie Jonas Gustavsson, who managed to stop Bieber on a breakaway.

Along with the video, check out images of Bieber at Leafs practice below, both of which are courtesy of the Maple Leafs’ official Twitter account.


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