Let’s Make a Deal – Canucks Edition



By Joe McCormick (@JoeMcCormick19)

After the unexpected 4 game streak to start the season, the Canucks have settled into the predictable role of bottom feeders.  Management still believes that this team is a playoff contender and is not ready for a rebuild (at least while the Sedins are still under contract).  So lets play a little game of how can we make this team better.  The obvious problem right now, is that the team is simply struggling to score.  With a GPG under 2, they are on pace to make history.  Teams don’t just trade goal scorers for nothing, so we’ll start with who the Canucks have available that is worth anything.

Chris Tanev, although injured, should fetch a good scoring winger.  He is a steady defenseman that makes smart plays.  One of Vancouvers best d-men, but I believe he would be available for the right  price due to the emergence of Stecher.

Alex Edler has had his stock much higher a few seasons ago, but it has dropped since the Tortorella season.  With the steady play of Troy Stecher, Edler seems to have found a chemistry with him already.  And due to Stechers lack of size, the Canucks will likely need to keep Edler if only for some size on the back end.

Miller should be available for trade this season.  Markstrom has played well and will likely be the starting goalie next season.  Miller is in the last year of his contract, but with the Halak news, the goaltending market has softened… at least for now.

Now for the next part of the game, who is available and who is looking.  I am going to focus on the Easter conference since it is so hard to accomplish a trade with conference rivals anymore.


Kane has been linked to Vancouver for a few years not and perhaps with todays news, a trade may be able to be facilitated.  This would definitely give the Canucks someone who has the potential to be a dynamic scorer.  Perhaps some home cooking and parental supervision is what he needs to get his career back on track?  Toughest part of this trade would be that Buffalo would likely have to retain some salary.

From mynhltraderumors.com

Howard Berger of Between The Posts: The media and fans have James van Riemsdyk available for trade, but “there isn’t a shred of evidence that Lamoriello has even thought about trading van Riemsdyk.” van Riemsdyk could bring in a good return, possibly improving their depth on the blueline.

Talk has Maple Leafs ready to move van Riemsdyk once Nikita Soshnikov is fully recovered from his hamstring injury.

This idea “is somewhat preposterous.”

Then there is James Van Riemsdyk.  His name has been in trade rumours out of Toronto for over a year now.  A good power forward in a deal that included Tanev goving the other way would work under the cap and give Toronto the defenseman that they have been looking for.

The Canadiens are rumoured to be looking for a defenseman to fill in for Sergachev.  The Canadians aren’t likely to give a roster player in order to get this done(at least not a scoring winger), perhaps there is a fit to trade Larsen or Biega to the Canadiens for a prospect or picks?

The last way is via waivers.  Last week the Blues put Magnus Paajarvi on waivers and it seemed like Canucks fans were furious that Benning didn’t put a claim in for him.  First off, Paajarvi is 25 years old now and still has not been able to consistently stay in an NHL lineup.  Secondly, the other 28 teams passed on him as well, so Benning may not be so crazy.

I don’t think waivers is going to net you the saviour of a franchise, but I have liked this kids skill set since junior.  Realistically, he could be the same as Paajarvi(albeit 2 years younger), but with recent injuries, I wouldn’t mind seeing Benning take a run at him.  Worst case scenario, when everyone is healthy again, he goes back on waivers or is sent to help out the forward ranks in Utica.

Regardless of what Vancouver does or does not do, we have a little time to stew over our 5 game winless streak.  With their next game on Wednesday, against the league leading Canadiens, in Montreal, I expect that we haven’t seen the last of this winless streak.  Happy Halloween!

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