The Flyers 50th Anniversary Jersey Revealed



As a part of their 50th Anniversary year, the Flyers planned on introducing a new jersey. Fans were given a little tease of that jersey that showed a lot of orange and the 5oth Anniversary patch.

The reveal was delayed after Claude Giroux got stuck in center city traffic, and a lot of fans seem to think that the reveal wasn’t worth the wait. 50 years is “The Golden Anniversary” so the jersey is adorned with gold. The Classic Flyers logo, unchanged for 50 years, is now bordered by gold. The numbers on the back as well as the Captain’s patch on the front are both gold.

The jerseys were approved by Ed Snider back in December. The inside collar reads est. 1967, the year Snider brought hockey to Philadelphia. There will also be a tribute to Snider on the Flyers helmets, “Forever a Flyer” with Snider’s signature will be on the white helmets.

The Flyers will wear the 50th Anniversary jerseys at 12 home games this season. Our first look at them in action will be in late October for the Flyers home opener against the Anaheim Ducks.

  • October 20 vs. Anaheim
  • November 2 vs. Detroit
  • November 19 vs. Tampa Bay
  • November 25 vs. NY Rangers
  • December 3 vs. Chicago
  • December 10 vs. Dallas
  • December 21 vs. Washington
  • January 7 vs. Tampa Bay
  • January 21 vs. New Jersey
  • February 2 vs. Montreal
  • February 4 vs. LA
  • February 11 vs. San Jose

For those who don’t like the Anniversary jersey, there’s still something to loo forward to. The Flyers will be releasing another jersey that they will wear during the Stadium Series game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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