CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet Review

The CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet is one of the most sought-after premium models that have been released in recent years. With an all-new ergonomic design and plenty of impressive new technology and internal features, it’s easy to see why so many players from a range of skill levels are looking to get their hands on this helmet.

The main objective CCM engineers and design experts aimed for when they created this helmet was to make it as protective as possible while improving the overall fit at the same time. Thanks to some breakthrough technology in the form of newer, more efficient foam material, the CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet is now considered one of the safest helmets in the hockey industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the intricate features that make this model so appealing to players and see how CCM is able to create a helmet that delivers a near-perfect fit.

CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet Overview

Picture of black ccm tacks 910 hockey helmet with a cage

Like most other brands in the hockey industry, CCM has been working toward making a new lineup of helmets and other equipment that are designed to be even more protective while eliminating the excess bulk that so many helmet models are known to have.

When it comes to professional hockey players, it’s common to see them go for helmets that feature high-tech internal foam liners that are specially designed to conform to the player’s head shape.

CCM went through a huge number of tests conducted at the University of Ottawa to gain valuable information and data on a range of factors that relate to hockey helmets and the level of safety they provide the user.

Design experts and other professionals tested a wide range of head impacts that typically occur on the ice, including falls on the ice, hitting the glass, as well as body and head-to-head impacts.

After compiling thousands of hours of testing video and data, CCM then went to work to create one of the most protective helmets the industry has seen to date.

The CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet offers certain features like the D30 Smart Material that is capable of giving ample support to different parts of the player’s head that might normally be unable to provide a good fit on the sides of the head.

Many of the internal liner compartments are fitted with gel-filled padding that’s capable of fitting the portions of the head that are usually more apt to have small voids that leave a bit of space between the player’s head and the helmet itself.

Ergonomic Shell Design

One of the first things players will notice about the CCM Tacks 910 is the helmet’s ergonomic design that very much looks and feels like a premium model that you would see being worn in professional hockey settings. The shell’s shape is made to disperse shock that can be incurred by harsh impacts from a variety of different directions.

picture of ccm tacks 910 helmet with a cage

The helmet also offers ample venting so that a player’s head can stay moderately cool on the ice, even during intense action over the course of a long game.

The helmet features a simple, easy-to-use adjustment system that allows players to get just the right front-to-back fit using a small knob that can be manipulated after flipping open a protective cover. This helmet offers a bigger adjustment range than the CCM Tacks 310 or 710 models.

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Stabilizer Padding

In addition to the intricate layers and padding you’ll find inside the helmet, the CCM Tacks 910 also provides extra support on the rear portion and other areas with added stabilization padding that forms a buffer between the internal liner and the outer shell.

This small, but significant support measure helps to guard against the effects of extremely dangerous impacts that can occur when a player takes a fall and might hit their head on the ice.

picture of ccm tacks 910 side angle

Fluid Inside Pod Technology

One of the most uniquely effective features of the CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet is the interior padding that is made with Fluid Inside Pods.

These specialized pods are filled with a soft, pliable gel-like material that helps to absorb significant impacts on the ice that might otherwise cause serious head injuries.

These pods are placed at the front and rear of the helmet, as well as along the side portions to ensure that the player’s head is properly protected in the spots that are more susceptible to injuries like concussions.

In addition to giving an added layer of protection, these Fluid Inside Pods help provide a much more comfortable overall fit than you might find in any other helmet model in today’s market. These pods help to contour against the player’s head in a way that makes the inside of the helmet fit like a glove when everything is properly adjusted.

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I.Q.SHION Gel Foam

picture of ccm tacks 910 foam

Another new addition that makes the CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet so attractive from a comfort standpoint, as well as protective ability, is the I.Q.SHION Gel foam material that is located throughout the interior of the helmet.

The main purpose of this foam is to help provide extra grip for the helmet and allow for a much better, more comfortable fit thanks to the extremely soft material.

The I.Q.SHION Gel material is made to be a hydrophobic layer that helps to properly ventilate the head and keep the inside of your helmet more dry than other brands might be capable of. This special liner is mostly what gives the CCM Tacks 910 its incredibly comfortable feel.

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Final Verdict

There is no denying that the CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet is one of the top models on the market today. For players who are looking for a helmet that’s optimized for comfort and stability, this model is hard to pass up.

All of the features combined with the countless hours of research CCM has poured into a premium product like the Tacks 910 make this one of our top picks for the upcoming season.